Kroff Stables

Corrian and Allison Kroff

King's Peak and Allison Kroff

Avacon and Allison Kroff

Aviation and new owner Emily

Omar Shariff and Bjorn Ikast

Rienzo and Hope Glynn

Lakeworth and Allison Kroff

Stan and Allison Kroff

Horses That Kroff Stables Have SOLD:

Congrats to Morgan Coats and trainer Jeff Cook on the purchase of Corrian.

Congrats to 
Asher and Emma Waldfogel, and trainer Hope Glynn on the purchase of King's Peak. 

Congrats to trainer Elani Rager, Amanda Pollack, and her parents on the purchase of Avacon for the jumper divisions. 

Congratulations to Wendy Sowski and daughter Emily on the purchase of Aviation.

Allison would like to congratulate Robin Hayward on the purchase of Hakuna Matata. 

Congratulations to Bjorn and Clara Ikast on the purchase of Omar Shariff for the Grand Prix division.

Congratulations also to Javier Jimenez on the purchase of Ally, and we wish her success with Francisco Martinez.

Allison congratulates Sarah Draxton and trainer Hope Glynn on the purchase of Rienzo (Dark Dream) for the First Year Green hunters. 

Congratulations to Todd Minikus on the purchase of Lakeworth for the 7/8 Year Old Young Jumper Division.

Congratulations to Sonja and Brooke Wolf on the purchase of Atlantis for the Children's jumper division.

Congratulations to Cathy Boruch and Kristen Petrie for the purchase of Chi-Town, a 5 year old warmblood gelding.

Congratulations to Miranda Yost and trainer Lindsay Kendall on the purchase of Stan for the jumper divisions.

Congratulations to Laura Baker on the purchase of the beautiful mare Carisma.

Congratulations also to Carly Devine for the purchase of Grazioso 4 (Gap) for the Grand Prix division.

Allison would like to congratulate Karen Useman on the purchase of Rich Girl for the Junior jumper division. 

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